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Bradley- Hardcover

Bradley- Hardcover

Bradley Gaff is your average eleven-year-old boy with unique telekinetic abilities and a secret alter ego. His life was pretty normal besides the severe trauma he endured from abusive foster parents and government experiments forced on him at an early age. Bradley was also present in their mobile home in the Zoo Creek trailer park when his adopted mother killed her husband and then put the shotgun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Detective Barnes senses there is more to the case, but he has nothing to go on since Bradley doesn’t remember a thing.
After his parents' shocking murder-suicide, the FBI moves Bradley into a special school for future juvenile delinquents. They assigned him a newly hired social worker named Max to help him cope with his past trauma. Although Max never wanted to work with kids in the past, the two bonded. Max senses something isn’t right with the school that hired him. Something isn’t right with Bradley and whoever (or whatever) else lives inside of him. Everyone from the FBI, a narcissistic superintendent, and a power-hungry Warden want to tap into Bradley’s supernatural gifts to control him. Finally, it’s up to a disgruntled detective, an anxious child protective service agent, and a down-on-his-luck therapist to help free Bradley—from himself.

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